Become a Fake Spotters Designer Specialist Authenticator/Appraiser (DSA)

We’re always looking for the crème de la crème of authenticators to join our team.

If you feel you really know your favourite designer brand, or brands (up to a maximum of 2), whether it be in the field of Couture or Ready-to-Wear designer clothing, bags, accessories, footwear/shoes and/or fine and/or costume jewelry (jewellery), believe you have an exceptionally keen eye and can spot even the most convincing of superfakes, even when others can’t, we would be extremely happy to hear from you.

Please don't worry if you feel you don't have much time to spare to compile Statements and/or do not wish to communicate with clients directly; as The Fake Spotters Admin Team will do all of that for you.

As a Fake Spotters DSA, all you are generally required to do, apart from continuing to keep fully up-to-date with your chosen design house(s)/brand(s), is to carefully assess the photos of the item(s) we email to you and then check-over/fill-out a very short form (much of which will, normally, have been filled-out for you!).

Please email us at stating your name, location, the name of your specialist brand(s), the category/categories of items you are most knowledgeable about (e.g. bags), details of any previous authenticating experience you may have had (paid or unpaid) and a brief outline of your professional background (if any) and if and when we have an opening, we’ll get back to you.

Good rates of pay. 

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