Q: I would like to contract an Authentication/Appraisal/Condition Report, but I am concerned that my photos aren't clear enough and I don't know how to take close-ups. Please can you help?

A: Yes, of course, please consult this guide.

Q: I am thinking of buying a designer item on eBay, but don’t know whether it’s authentic, or not. Which service do I require?

A: The service you require is an email Authentication.

Q: How much is an email Authentication?

A: The fee for this service is USD $45.00, or GBP £30.00.

Please send your payment, via www.paypal.com, to: payments@fakespotters.com.

Q: How long does an email Authentication take?

A: That will depend on our workload.

Very often, it will take only a few hours, but please allow up to 48 hours.

If we are unable to deliver it within 48 hours, we will contact you, to see if you require a full refund, or would prefer to wait a little longer.

Q: I am uncertain of the authenticity of an item listed on eBay (or any other auction site), but the auction ends very soon/I have already won the item. What should I do?

Most sellers of authentic items will be happy to wait a reasonable amount of time for payment, (especially if you contact them letting them know why) and if the item does turn out to be a fake, you are under no legal obligation to purchase it, even if you have won the auction.

Therefore, we would recommend that you contract the email Authentication before paying, even if the auction has ended/is due to end soon.

: How do I pay for an email authentication?

Please send your payment, via www.paypal.com, to: payments@fakespotters.com.

Then send the details requested in the How to Contract an Authentication section of the Authentications page of our website to: authentications@fakespotters.com.

Q: I have bought a designer item and think it may be fake, so have filed a dispute with eBay/PayPal. Which of your services do I need?

A: You will require a Statement of Non-Authenticity for your eBay/PayPal dispute/claim.

If you're not already fairly sure that the item is a fake and you do not wish to
(possibly) receive a Statement of Authenticity, if it is authentic, you may also wish to contract an email Authentication, first (for USD $45.00 / GBP £30.00), to make sure.

Alternatively, you can just contract the Statement, if you would prefer.

Please see our Authentications page for more details.

Q: What is the fee for a Statement for an eBay/PayPal dispute/claim?

A: That depends on how much you paid for the item and how quickly you require the Statement.

Fees for Statements start at USD $140.00 / GBP £84.00.

Please see Fees for Statements, on the Authentications page, for a full list of fees and timescales. 

Q: How long does a Statement take?

How soon it is guaranteed to be delivered to you depends upon the timescale
you select (please see Fees for Statements for more details).

However, assuming we have all the information and photos we need, how soon it is delivered to you, within the timescale you select, will tend to depend, largely, on our workload.

You might pay for a Within 6 Calendar Days timescale and receive it within three days, or it might take the full six days, especially if we're very busy.

Q: Please can I have a quote for a Statement of Authenticity/Non-Authenticity?

A: Of course.

Please let us know how much you paid for the item (excluding any shipping fee) and how quickly you need the Statement and we can provide you with your quote.

Alternatively, you may prefer to check out the Fees for Statements section of the Authentications page and select the correct price band and your preferred timescale, yourself.

Q: I would like to contract a Statement, but I’m not sure which timeframe to select?

Please don’t worry about it, too much.

Just try to select the one which you think is the most appropriate and then if, once we have received your request stating the date you require the statement by (and payment), we find you have selected the incorrect one, we will get back to you.

Q: I would like to contract a Statement, but I don’t know how much my item cost, or is currently worth?

A: If you don’t know how much your item cost, or if it was bought more than 3 years ago, please select and pay for the lowest price band and then, if its approximate current fair market value is higher, we’ll let you know.

Q: I have received a fake item and have filed an eBay/PayPal dispute. I have not yet escalated it to a claim, but have been told I will need a Statement. Will the Within 6 Calendar Days timeframe be sufficient?

A: Almost certainly, yes.

If you have not, yet, escalated your dispute to a claim and don't have to do so for at least five days, or so, the 'within 6 Calendar Days' timeframe should be perfectly sufficient.

Please be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to check the Statement over, print it out and fax it, once you get it, though.

We normally suggest allowing at least an extra 48 hours for this, just in case there is any slight issue that may need to be resolved.

Q: I have a Small Claims Court case coming up, for a fake item I was sent. Which of your services would be the most helpful?

A: Almost certainly, our Photo Statement of Authenticity/Non-Authenticity.

This is because the photos (complete with notations) provide a visual aid, to help explain, to the non-expert, what all the factors that indicate the item is a fake actually are.

Q: I’m pretty sure my item is authentic, but I need to know how much it is worth and also, its name and age, as well, if possible? Which service do I need?

A: You need one of our Appraisal services.

If you are happy to just have the information included in an email, with no statement/certificate, then our email Appraisal would be ideal.

Alternatively, if you require something more official, on our headed notepaper, then a Written Appraisal would provide you with that.

If you also require photographs, to conclusively prove that the item in the Appraisal is the same one as the one you own, then a Written Appraisal with Photos is the service for you.

Q: I need an Appraisal, but am not sure if I should order one, as I’m not entirely positive that my item is authentic? Should I just order the Appraisal, or should I order an Authentication first?

A: That’s, obviously, entirely up to you.

However, depending on the Appraisal service you require, it may well be a good idea to order an email Authentication first, just to clarify things.

Alternatively, if you would prefer, you could just go for the Appraisal and then, if the item does turn out to be a fake, you would still be provided with an email Authentication/Statement/Photo Statement (depending on the type of Appraisal contracted) .

Please see Appraisals for more details.

Q: How do I pay for my Appraisal?

A: Once you have selected the type of Appraisal you require and the appropriate timeframe, on the Appraisals page, please send your payment, via www.paypal.com, to: payments@fakespotters.com.

Then, send the details requested in the How to Contract an Appraisal section of the Appraisals page of our website to: appraisals@fakespotters.com.

Q: I received a SNAD condition item, but am having trouble with the seller, who won’t admit that the item is in far worse condition than stated. Is there anything you can provide to prove that the item is SNAD?

A: Yes, we can provide a Condition Report, with or without photos.

Q: I need a quote for a tailor-made service that is not covered on your website, how should I go about asking for it?

A: Please send an email detailing the exact service required to: help@fakespotters.com.

Alternatively, if it is just a small modification to an existing service you require - please contract the nearest one to it available (and include details of the desired modification, in your email to us) and we will get back to you.

Q: I have already contracted an Authentication/Appraisal/Condition Report, but have now been told that you require further/clearer photos and I am unable (or unwilling) to provide them. What happens next?

A: In the case of services that are being carried out via inspection via photographs only, it is obviously essential that our DSAs have adequate photos at their disposal, in order for them to reach an accurate verdict and complete their report to a sufficiently high standard (if applicable).

Therefore, if a client is, for whatever reason, unable (or unwilling) to provide further photos, within a reasonable timeframe, we hope clients will appreciate that this may cause an unavoidable delay to the completion of their service.

We also hope clients will appreciate that we are unable to offer refunds, if they are requested solely on the basis of the client being unable (or unwilling) to provide the required additional photos. 

Q: I no longer wish to receive the service I have contracted. Please can I have a refund?

A: That really depends on what the service is and how far along the process we already are.

Normally, it will be assessed on a case by case basis.

For example, if your cancellation is submitted very soon after your request, then we should, normally, be able to offer you a full refund. Although, we reserve the right to deduct a small cancellation charge (just to help cover our time and any expenses).

If, however, you wish to cancel a complicated service, like a Statement, or a Written Appraisal, at the last minute, when all, or most, of the work has already been done; then we hope you will understand that we may not be able to offer you a refund, at all.

If the cancellation was entirely on our behalf, however, or if we are genuinely responsible, in some way, for you feeling you have to cancel your order; then we will, of course, be more than happy to provide a full refund, without any cancellation charge whatsoever.

Q: I have a designer item which I would like to send you, on consignment. Please can you tell me what your consignment fees are?

A: At the present time, Fake Spotters does not take consignments directly. However, some of our Designer Specialists are also sellers, so they may be interested in helping sell your item. 

This is why we say 'fees vary' - because, of course, each DS will have a slightly different fee structure. 

Please see Consignment, on the Other Services page, for more details.

Q: I’m really into designer goods, have a very keen eye and can always tell an authentic item from a fake one. Any chance I could join the Fake Spotters Team?

A: Yes!

We’re always looking for really good authenticators/appraisers.

Please check out the Jobs page for more information.

Q: I would like to help authenticate/appraise for you, but I do not wish to talk to clients, or write-up Statements. Can I still join your team?

A: Yes!

None of our DSAs are required to talk to clients directly, or write-up entire Statements. 

Just the authentication/appraisal itself and a list of the main factors that helped determine your decision is all that is, generally, required from DSAs in the case of Statements and Written Appraisals.

Q: I have a general inquiry that is not covered on your website, where can I send it to?

A: Please send all general inquiries to: help@fakespotters.com.

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