Fake Spotters Independent Designer Good Authentication and Appraisal Service

Fake Spotters is, primarily, a worldwide independent designer good authentication and appraisal service.

We offer private email Authentications (USD $45.00 / GBP £30.00 per item, via PayPal to: payments@fakespotters.com) for both sellers and buyers and we also offer detailed Statements of Authenticity/Non-Authenticity for eBay and Paypal disputes/claims, credit card chargebacks, postal/mail fraud claims and of course, our clients' own personal reassurance.

Photo Statements of Authenticity/Non-Authenticity are also available for use in court cases and for those who may wish to demonstrate that the item they possess is, without any doubt, the subject of our Statement.

At the current time, we can offer Designer Specialist Authentication and Appraisal for the following brands:

Alexander McQueen,

Alexander Wang,


Bottega Veneta (BV),





Christian Louboutin,






Jimmy Choo,

Louis Vuitton (LV),

Marc Jacobs,

Miu Miu,




We can also offer Specialist Authentication and Appraisal for designer fine jewelry (jewellery) and watches (virtually all houses/makes covered) and for National Football League (NFL) jerseys.

We are very happy to be able to say that Fake Spotters has never yet (knowingly) had a Statement of Authenticity/Non-Authenticity rejected by eBay, PayPal, or a credit card company (or anyone else, for that matter).

We feel we are one of the best authentication services available, because we only employ the services of highly knowledgeable and experienced Designer Specialist Authenticators/Appraisers, who are limited to authenticating a maximum of two different designer brands each, in the case of Ready-To-Wear clothing and accesories (and in fact, most only authenticate one), to ensure that they have the time to truly know and keep up-to-date with the vagaries of their chosen brand(s).

We also strive to be extremely reliable, conscientious and honest in all of our dealings with our clients. We believe in answering all legitimate inquiries (which are not already covered on this website) promptly, providing all statements ordered on time and if, on the rare occasion, we are unavoidably delayed/unable to undertake a service that has been ordered, for whatever reason, we are committed to ensuring that the client is made aware of the situation as quickly as possible and/or is swiftly refunded, or partially refunded, as is appropriate and/or required.

Fake Spotters offers Authentications and Appraisals for the following types of designer item: designer bags/handbags/purses, designer accessories (such as wallets, coinpurses, scarves, belts etc.), designer footwear (such as shoes, boots, sandals etc.), designer jewelry/jewellery (such as earrings, necklaces, pins/brooches, bracelets/bangles, rings etc.) and designer clothing (such as tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, gowns, skirts, pants/trousers, swimwear etc.).

As well as authentications and appraisals, we offer other services, too, such as Condition Reports and answering all of your queries about the following: design houses and designer goods, datecode/serial numbers, authenticity cards, holograms and other designer good etiquette (dustcovers/dustbags, carecards, hangtags etc.).

In addition, eBay/PayPal and general consumer law advice, personal shopping, styling and designer good consignment services are also available. 

Please use the navigation bar, to the left, for a list of our services (and prices) and full instructions on how to contract them.

Alternatively, if you require a quote for a tailor-made service, or have any other queries which are not already covered on our website, please email us at: help@fakespotters.com.


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